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Six Steps to Building An Unstoppable Online Business

By Kate / September 15, 2019

How To Start an Unstoppable Online Business

The internet promises fantastic riches and push button profits. It’s been called the modern day gold rush and it’s full of get rich quick stories;  some true, some not so much.  In tough economic times, when the stock market is soaring but real wages are stagnant or decreasing it’s no wonder that people look to the internet to start businesses.  But how does someone know where to get started and what to believe?

Better yet…how do you create an Unstoppable Online Business?

Starting a business on the internet is no different than starting a business offline.  You have to have a strong plan and you have to follow the plan.   There are no silver bullets.  Just because you have put up a website doesn’t mean that money will start pouring into your bank account..  The people who are successful simply have a plan and they take consistent action.

When building a business you are exchanging value for money.  In other words, you provide a solution to someone’s problem. The solution has value to the person with the problem so they are willing to pay you for that solution.  It’s that simple.

The Six Steps To Build an Unstoppable Business Online

There are only 6 Steps that you need to follow to build a sustainable….even an unstoppable business online.  You need:

  1. A product or service that that offers a solution to someone’s problem.
  2. A hungry audience that’s willing to pay money for a solution that will help them achieve their goals.
  3. A system to market the product.  I call this the foundation.  You’ve also heard it called the marketing funnel, landing page, squeeze page, store, or in it’s simplest form a  website.
  4. Traffic: Traffic is really advertising. This is where PPC, social media, SEO and other forms of advertising come in.  Unfortunately, most people skip step 3 and go straight to traffic.  This is a mistake.
  5. A follow-up system that keeps you in front of  both customers and leads (people who haven’t yet purchased from you).  This will greatly increase the sales that you make.
  6. Rinse and Repeat

Since Profithighway is targeted towards internet marketers, our “hungry audience” are people who want to create income from using the internet.   In other words they want to start an online business.   Some people want to make an extra couple of hundred dollars each month, others want to create a job replacing income.  We offer training and tools to help our customers build unstoppable online businesses.   The same rules apply, no matter how much income you’re shooting for.

Ready to Build an Unstoppable Income

Let’s dig in.  How do you create an Unstoppable Income Online:

Step 1:  The Product:

  • What problem do you solve?
  • Who do you solve it for?
  • Will you sell your own products or someone else’s products. Both work, but creating your own Super Product will usually get you to your goal faster.
    • Affiliate products (other people’s products) are where most people get started.  is when you get paid a commission to promote and sell other people’s products.
      • Start by looking for affiliate products that you believe in.
      • Reach out to the product owner and request approval to be an affiliate. If the product owner feels you’re a good match; they will approve you and send you a special link called an affiliate link. That link is yours and yours alone and you’ll receive a commission every time you make a sale.
    • Create Your Own Product:  The is where the most money is made.  That said, if you’re just getting started online – start with affiliate marketing.  Learn what your audience likes and wants BEFORE you invest a ton of time and energy in creating your own product.  The faster you get to the point where you create your own products the faster you’ll be successful.
      • information products such as whitepapers, ebooks, video training or case studies that educate your audience.
      • software that make your buyers life easier.
      • coaching or done for you services that get your client fast results.

Step 2:  Hungry Market:

  • Your hungry market simply has a problem that they want solved AND they MUST be willing to pay for it.  Look for competitors in the market.  If other people are selling to this market it’s a good sign that you have a hungry market.  Top markets include weight loss, self improvement, and making money.   Narrow down your market to a subset of a larger niche.
  • When looking for your hungry market identify who you’re going to serve and write down their exact pain points.  Enter a niche because you’ve found 100 people who have the same specific problem and then offer a solution to solve it.
  • Solve the pain and you’ll have a thriving business.
Ready to Build an Unstoppable Income

Step 3:  The Marketing Funnel:

  • In  a nutshell, your marketing funnel is the system that you use to educate your customers so that they will trust you enough to purchase the products you are selling.  When selling online there are three key components to every marketing funnel:
    • An attractive website
    • Lead capture software
    • Solid follow up and communication strategy
  • Lead generation is the goal of your marketing funnel.

Step 4:  Promotion:

  • Define your lead gathering strategy.  What advertising channels will you use to make people aware of your product or service.  This is different from your marketing funnel.  Your marketing promotion drives people to your marketing funnel.  The two work together to generate leads.  Promotion strategies include:
    • paid advertising such as:
      • Facebook ads and other PPC advertising
      • solo-ads, PPC advertising,
      • Banner Ads, SEO
    • Joint venture partnerships
    • Blogging, social media syndication

Step 5:  Follow-Up: (where the unstoppable income comes from)

  • Chris Brogan recently said that 70% of his income comes for email marketing – 70%.  The money is definitely in the list.
  • When you built your foundation in step 2  you included a way for your hungry audience to share their email address with you.
  • Now it’s time to communicate with the people that subscribed to your list.  This is where you get to build a tribe.   Use common sense, but don’t be afraid to sell.  Share relevant and valuable information that your subscribers can use, but don’t be afraid to put offers in front of them.  This is where you can promote affiliate products that you have found useful in your business.  Remember that you’re job is to help your subscribers solve a problem – give them solutions to the problem.
Ready to Build an Unstoppable Income

Step 6:  Rinse and Repeat:

  • Take a moment to review the results of your marketing campaigns.
  • Make adjustments, and do it again.

There ya have it.  The six steps to building an  unstoppable online business. Are you ready to build an unstoppable business?  Consider joining me in my Action to Income Mastermind – Now in Pre-Launch.  This program will be a high end $1,495 plus program when it launches to the public later this year.

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