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A little about Kate Bourland

Hey, how’s it going?

I’ve written up this short story about myself for a reason. Why? When you get emails from a person you feel like you know a little about, you will look forward to them, instead of just brushing them aside.

We’ve all got a story with highs and lows and each one is generally unique and interesting, some funny, some sad. Well mine is a bit of a roller coaster and I’ve included it below.

Before I get started I want to tell you that information alone in the IM game won’t get you success. The reason? There are so many different ways to make loads of money online. You need to make choices about which method? Who to follow? And you also need to find a reliable source of information. Most importantly, you need to take ACTION – (if you haven’t joined our Action to Income Mastermind Group you’re invited – come join us.)

There’s nothing worse than a stranger hitting up your inbox!

You know how it is; you get loads of emails in your inbox, you sign up for some free gift and then get loads of emails without knowing a thing about that person… maybe not even their real name.

I want to be different here.

I don’t want to just be another name in your inbox screaming at you to ACT NOW.

I have good strategies and techniques and I want to share them with you to achieve your financial dreams and create a lifestyle you love.

So here is my story.

I’m a Digital Marketing teacher and doer.

I’ve been involved in internet marketing since 1997 and have experienced fantastic success and some pretty big fails along the way. (The stories I can tell)  Profithighway is my first “internet marketing”  niche related blog for a number of years. I’ve  stayed out of it simply because there is so much noise and so many partial solutions designed to keep people lost.  I didn’t want to be one of “those” people.

I left a high paying job in corporate America when I had kids (who have since grown up; without my permission I might add. 😀 ) Internet marketing allowed me to say home and raise my kids on my terms. I was lucky enough to make a good income and still be very involved in my kids classroom and activities. It’s been awesome.

That’s not to say that there weren’t some bumps in the road.  The first person that I ever followed taught me how to use newsgroups to scrape email addresses. I didn’t know it but I started out as one of those horrible spammers. It was terrible. I kept having email accounts shut down and all the while the guy that I was working with was telling me how much money he was making. At the time I kept thinking that I was doing something wrong. It wasn’t until the police showed up at my door that I realized the guy was full of complete and total BS.

I was sitting on the floor playing with my 9 month old, when I looked up and saw a Police Officer at my door. He was dropping by to make sure that we were OK because the “auto dialer” that my “mentor” talked me into using, got stuck and kept dialing 911 and hanging up. It was very embarrassing. After that I quickly realized that the “guru” was full of you know what.

I quickly changed paths and started learning email marketing, PPC and affiliate marketing. In those days we didn’t have the safe networks that we have today; it was truly the wild, wild west. I got ripped off a lot but I cut my teeth and learned how to make money. I got tired of the make money at home and internet marketing because I felt that there was so much puffery in the marketplace.

Through the years I’ve built affiliate sites in multiple niches, helped launch a software company that manages medical records for hospitals and have helped hundreds of small businesses harness the power of the internet and email marketing.

Since my kids are all growed up now, I feel a calling to re-enter the IM Niche. I’ve been successful with affiliate marketing, list building and more. I’m noticing that there is so much noise in the marketplace. My mission with Profithighway is to cut through the noise and the clutter and help struggling internet marketers make sense out of the noise that is this industry.  It doesn’t have to be difficult – you just need a road-map. Today we have reputable companies like Amazon, Clickbank and others.  We have fantastic tools available that make the job easier. We also have more traffic choices and there seems to be pressure to be everywhere at the same time.

I’m all about starting small and growing big. Join me and I’ll show you how to turn little wins into a full time income.

I have no patience for empty promises or for people searching for shiny objects.  If you’re real and ethical and willing to put in real effort to learn this industry, I’d love to connect with you.  Please join me in Action 2 Income Master Mind.

Connect with me on Twitter at @katebourland